A word for massage has existed in all cultures.

The ancient Chinese, Greeks, and Romans have all practised a form of massage and even with their limited knowledge of anatomy and circulation they realised the benefits.

A muscle which has become constricted through trauma, a misaligned joint, poor nutrition or injury with massage will relax, this allows the blood to flow through it and the toxic waste to be removed.

Many of my clients opt for monthly ‘maintenance’ once their particular problem has improved. This can help prevent the problem re-occurring, or any others happening by helping to keep the muscles toned and relaxed, dealing with any little tensions in the body before they can create any major problems. Prevention is better than cure, and in such a wonderful way.

Healthy muscles are an essential part of a healthy body. Muscles give motion to life and every part of the body is dependent on muscle and we could not continue to function without them.

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Not just for sports people…..

Most general aches and pains are caused by lifestyle stresses caused by extensive hours sitting in front of computers, at a desk or in the car, carrying children, gardening or many other day to day activities.

It is a holistic treatment which treats the entire person and not only the area of the body that hurts.